• Aaron Feinberg

Arguably one of the best skaters of all time, Aaron Feinberg pushed the limits of what was considered possible on skates. Still commanding a strong fan base, Aaron will forever be known as a milestone figure in aggressive inline.

  • Carlos Pianowski

Carlos Pianowski, the legend. Still undoubtably the person with most life risking stunts per year in a rollerblading career, he seems to be intent on contining his one man battle against gravity and logic!

  • Dominic Sagona

Dominic Sagona is a grimey individual with what many consider to be the best style in the history of rolling, in part because it’s completely impossible to imitate. Dominic achieved legend status in rolling many years ago, and continues to sustain this title in the rolling community as it continues to demand ‘moar Sagona! Dominic’s skating is all or nothing. Either he is going to pull out one of the best looking tricks you have ever seen, or he is going to take a monumental stack, which he will immediately get up from. Tough and mischievous, Dom is always about to surprise you, whether it be on his skates or on the streets.

  • Kevin Gillan

A legend of the original USD Team, Kevin has always been a powerhouse on blades. Strong and confident, Kevin will always be one of the founders of style and control in the aggressive skating world, and we are proud to count on him for our allstar team.