• Daniel Prell

Daniel Prell is best known for skating the very rails you always thought somebody should do but certainly not you. He is a polarizing personality – people either hate or love him. However, it is unarguable that he stayed in the sport’s spot light longer than most. Although he got most of his recent exposure for overtaking exceptionally unskatable droprails, Daniel started out as a vert skater, and currently holds the title “German miniramp champion”. His skating is daring and creative – he sees spots in what others will consider no more than a ruin, from burned down pools, to stairless stairways. But taking risks comes at a price. At the age of 31, Daniel has undergone numerous surgeries, nearly one for every year of skating. But nothing seems to keep him away from his skates, let it be torn shoulder ligaments, destroyed wrists or fucked up knees. Daniel is an extremely productive skater, coming up with edits and pictures non-stop. Always representing his sponsors in the best possible way, Daniel is the ultimate professional and thus an important part of the USD.

  • Worapoj Boonnim Note

Worapoj Boonnim is our favourite Thai destroyer. Always with a cheeky grin and positive energy, his technical skills and fast paced skating make him a great all round skater, pushing him right up there with the best of the best. Park or street, he kills it all.