• Demetrios George

What better way to have text written about yourself than to write it yourself. I’m 26 years old and have been with USD since I was 17.. Originally skating for Big Dan Importing here in the US back when the USD team had it’s classic names like even Arlo Eisenberg.. Through the years some notable moments would have to be my first ever video clip of a TTS on a drop rail in VG 20 “which did wonders for me actually”.. than “FOR 3″ and the “Legacy” video both done by Navran which was a pull at the time being a part of FP.. Eventually moved my way up the ladder to become the USD Team Manager and now try my best to create a balance between progressing with my skating amidst my efforts to help out here in the US. Looking back on the amount of injuries I’ve encountered I can say I’m proud to still be able to skate how I like to. Everyone has something to be known for and you can most definitely say that for me it would be my ability to jump high, transfer or disaster to rails and the many tall grinds I have done. I enjoy the thrill of skating as fast as possible to gap to a rail, or do a tech grind on something that other skaters would have a hard time doing your basic grind. It’s just my thing and I feel you should always blade how you enjoy it the most. Riding the Classic Throne because it’s more heavy duty for my type of skating and don’t mind that it’s not as light as other models like the Carbon, doesn’t seem to affect how high I can jump?. Very proud to be a part of this team and be able to motivate anyone out there to strap up some blades and have some fun.. Just make sure you get some USD’s cause they’re the jam..

  • Montre Livingston

Is it the hair? Is it the glasses, cut off pants, the plaid vests? I don’t know but Montre is a character that almost doesn’t even need blades on his feet to receive the attention he gets.. Add fresh UFS Thrones or some Carbons throw him in front of some sick obstacles and do the math.. Destruction with style you can hardly fathom.. Montre’s attitude towards the sport is free willed and professionally refined.. His trick selection is unbelievable, has an awareness for health and a keen eye on the sports progression.. Most importantly he has FUN at every moment. Everything you could hope for when picking up a new pro rider. Although our newest addition to the pro team Montre feels as if he’s been with us forever.. His recent change up to our skates was in his words “the best thing ever” simply cause he was able to skate all day with no aches or pains.. Something skaters dream of having and deserve to have.. The mark Montre left on this industry can be seen from some of his previous skating, “Say Word 1+2″, “Black Market”, “The Truth 2″, the list goes on but now you can look forward to seeing all of the fresh content Montre will bring to the table riding his own pro model USD. Keep your eyes peeled for 2013 as we see great things headed our way and are so very proud to have Montre Livingston representing for USD.

  • Franky Morales

Yuk Yukem. You may recognize one of the many tag’s Franky Morales has but without a doubt you remember him from our household favorites “FOR 2 “future of rollerblading”, “Fruitbooter”, his “M1 profile” or any of his timeless sections.. Franky has not only been a staple of style within our industry but has time and time again shocked us with his massive 540′s in to banks, steezed out tech grinds or his ability to peek any ones attention wherever he goes. Recently moved onto the USD Pro Team I’ve had a chance to work much more with Franky and one thing that tends to be left out when showcasing who he is would be his ability to make everyone laugh and truly bring the team together . Franky is a team skater and true business man who loves to blade.. Key factors towards representing what a pro should be. USD is very happy to have Franky repping our Carbon 3′s. Allowing him to design to every detail you’re sure to find some unique designs to come.. Keep your eyes peeled for not only the skates but Franky doing what he does best…

  • Jeff Dalnas

Jeff Dalnas is the name that comes to mind when thinking of either the biggest drop kink rail you can imagine or his ever so stylish on call “grabbed” a/o fish brains. Not only technical but hammer style skating that is hard to deny. His talent and longevity in this sport with USD skates has undoubtedly earned him his place on the Pro Team. At 26 years old Jeff’s passion to roll and push himself to the limit has in no way left his system. Skating everyday like he’s still a hungry amateur has kept us in his corner with much appreciation for his continued support for our brand and the industry overall.. Skating the Carbon Free’s at the moment recently Jeff mentioned he couldn’t be happier to have a skate as comfortable, lightweight and stylish as they feel. A feeling every skater needs to have to be happy. It’s safe to say Jeff’s just as proud to be a part of USD as we are to have him. Keep your eyes peeled for lots more death kinks, “grabbed” tricks and stunt blading. Jeff D the Beast.

  • Nick Lomax

Nick Lomax is the present, past and future of the European skate scene. At home on all terrain, he smashes every spot into submission. Truly a modern day inline idol, he creates a lasting impression every where he goes.

  • Richie Eisler

Richie Eisler, the people’s favourite. Richie systematically breaks the barrier between switch and natural. It would be hard to match half the tricks he lands with ease, and with his generous and fun loving personality and smooth, flowing style, it is easy to see why everyone loves Richie.